5 Tips for Money Conversations with Your Love Interest

How to Discuss Money in Love, Dating & Marriage

Dear Friend,

I hope that at some point this month, someone reminded you of the following truths: you are loved; you are seen; you are appreciated; you are especially and uniquely crafted. Never forget it!

As you plan a future with the one you love, discussing money is inevitable. In addition to the video above, we have applied the MAGNET framework to help you materialize this new transformation in your life.


Stop assuming that discussing money with your significant other will indefinitely lead to squabbles. Embracing an open line of communication is the first step to having this all-important conversation. 


Assess your finances individually and consider how that translates to your financial habits as a couple. What do you both earn, and how do you contribute towards your joint financial goals based on that information? 


Identify joint financial goals and create a plan for how to achieve them. Perhaps you set a goal to save towards a house. Use our Vision Board in the app to help you get started.

Net Worth

Determine what impact your financial goals will have on your net worth. Do you have assets that can alleviate the load? How liquid are your funds? Are they in a mutual trust or solely in banks? 


Love does cost a thing, sometimes. Maybe love requires you to cut back on some pleasures to reach those set goals. Maybe it requires investing time to review your expenses together periodically. You can also watch this video: Managing Finances as a Couple


Set a specific time once a month to review your progress towards your financial goals and make adjustments when necessary. Tracking with your spouse also ensures that you keep each other accountable.

From all of us at REACH HQ,

– Remember, your best love life is within REACH.

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