REΛCH Is Your Secret Weapon for Financial Greatness

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Your Power Tools

Take charge of unwanted spending; Make smarter money decisions

Track Your Expenses

Track Your Expenses: Get a simple and clear breakdown of where your money goes each week.

Understand What's Free to spend

Thanks to the thousands of users on our platform, we're able to estimate a typical budget from which we calculate what you have free to spend each week.

Set a Budget

Customize the default budget and set your own. You'll get prompts that'll help you stay within the limits you've set.

But wait, there's more!

Reach Score

Your REACH score increases when you spend within your budget.


Meet Kudi, your personal financial assistant, programmed to help you.

Facts and tidbits

We will send you interesting facts and tidbits about your spending.

Multiple Accounts

REACH lets you keep track of multiple accounts at the same time.